Annual Appeal

Dear friends of Crown Point,

Spiders have paws; furry little paws with claws that may, or may not help them avoid being breakfast for the larvae of solitary mud dauber wasps. You have probably seen the mud nests on the eves of your garage. These amazing wasps have very tiny waists, that allow them to practically fold in half. The adults thrive on nectar, but their larvae in the nests are fed spider meat. Perhaps all you need to do to have less spiders is to marvel at the architecture of those nests and let them be. Flies a bother? Leave some spider webs and look at them freshly through the lens of a ray of sun. What about the flies? It is hard to like them but somebody has to decompose the trash.

You see, there are no others. We are the spiders, and the wasps and the flies. We are the bacteria and the viruses. We are nothing but strands on this complicated web of life held together by all creatures. So I plead with you, make daily choices no matter how small, that protect a diversified ecosystem and respect this vast and complicated web of life. Live simply and tread lightly on the only planet we have.

As a supporter of Crown Point, you are investing in many of the small threads of this giant web of life:

  • - Transforming barren fields into thriving habitats for the vast array of insects, birds and bats that pollinate one third of our food crops.
  • - Replenishing the health of our soil to produce more nutritious food that is devoid of poisons.
  • - Serving our neighbors by providing thousands of pounds of organic produce and hundreds of donated plants to community gardens.

We cannot conti nue our work without your support. Together we can alleviate hunger in our community, protect nati ve wildlife, and educate the next generati on of ecological stewards. At Crown Point Ecology Center, we are connecting people, food and land. We are mindful that the survival of all the creatures that live or migrate is linked to our own well being. Our conservati on eff orts are only part of what we do.

Our youth and adult educational programs are a tiny seed that we hope will grow into a life of caring for the earth and each other. Each young person we serve and every farmer we train is an investment in the future of our shared planet. Each person who now sees a miracle in a mud nest has shifted their mindset from disgust to understanding, respect and awe.

Thank you so much for your donation (on-line or send us a check)  that will help us continue our important and urgent work at Crown Point Ecology Center. 






Monica Bongue-Bartelsman, Ph.D.

Annual Appeal 2018