Annual Appeal

Dear Friend of Crown Point, 

We need your help!

What a year this has been - a year of social distancing, masks and hand sanitizer. Crown Point has certainly not been  unscathed by the challenges associated with the virus. We continue to adhere to all directives from the Department of  Health to protect our members, friends, board and staff.  

As farmers are considered essential workers, our hard-working team continued to seed, plant and harvest as  scheduled. New technology was learned and no-touch delivery was implemented so the annual Spring Organic Plant  Sale and CSA pick-up could continue. 

While we were not able to host Summer Camp this year, our farm staff, directed by Farmer Danielle Soroczak,  ensured our mission of donating fresh produce was successful. A 500-square foot “donation garden” was constructed  and planted with grant funding. This garden, maintained by volunteers, greatly increased our donation capacity as  100% of the harvest was donated. The donation of fresh organic produce ran 20% over the previous year’s rate. This is  an important accomplishment as the food insecurity rate for Summit County is expected to increase to 18.2% due to  the COVID pandemic. Nearly 20% of our county residents could experience food insecurity in the next year. 

As a supporter of Crown Point, you are investing not only in protecting and preserving the Earth but also serving  our community in times of need. Below is how your gift can be used: 

• $50 pays for 90 lbs. of organic planting soil for donated plants 

• $100 pays for four weeks of a donated produce share 

• $200 pays for a Summer Camp scholarship 

• $500 covers one week of expenses for a farm intern 

We cannot continue our work without your support. Together, we can alleviate hunger in our community, protect  native wildlife, and educate the next generation of ecological stewards. At Crown Point Ecology Center, we are  connecting people, food and land. We are mindful that the survival of all the creatures that live or migrate is linked  to our own well-being. Our youth and adult educational programs are a tiny seed that we hope will grow into a life of  caring for the Earth and each other. Please help us to continue offering fresh produce and plant donation to feed the  hungry in our community. 

The success of Crown Point over the last thirty-one years is directly attributed to friends like you who have  appreciated the importance of our work. One of the most significant ways you can show your support at this time  is by making a year-end gift to Crown Point’s Annual Appeal campaign. Your gift in any amount is greatly appreciated. A response envelope is enclosed for your convenience or you may donate online by clicking here. 

Your donation helps us continue our important and urgent work.  

Thank you from all of us at Crown Point Ecology Center. 


Carolyn Kean - Interim Executive Director

James Simon - President, Board of Directors