CSA Registration

Welcome to the 2019 Community Supported Agriculture Season!

    Crown Point renewing members receive a 10% discount on CSA shares plus additional member benefits throughout the year.

    Discounted prices will be visible after a membership option is selected. At least half your total is due with your application as a deposit.

    CSA Shareholders assume the risks of each growing season such as drought, too much rain, unanticipated insect pressure, etc. However, we carefully plan a diverse portfolio of crop varieties to ensure a plentiful harvest, even when Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate.

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    Membership Levels

    Memberships run April through May

    Growers: $50 - $99
    Seeders: $100 - $499
    Planters: $500 - $999
    Cultivators: $1,000 - $2,499

    For more information on membership benefits

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    Optional Shares

    Winter Share - $210
    Six pickups of cold-hardy greens and storage crops including potatoes, winter squash, and so much more! Available Shares Limited.

    Chèvre Cheese Share - $70.00
    Fresh chèvre goat cheese from Lake Erie Creamery delivered every other week -- 10 six oz. packages total through the main season

    Feta Share - $75.00
    Goat's milk feta in brine from Lake Erie Creamery delivered every other week. Ten 8 oz. packages throughout the main season.

    Winter Cheeses - $30.00
    3 packages of Holiday inspired cheeses delivered with the Winter shares in November.

    Egg Share - $60.00
    Fresh, certified organic eggs from Mud Run Farm delivered every other week. Ten dozen throughout the main season.

    Butter Share

    Hartzler’s 2 pound roll. First week of the month for a total of 4.

    Each butter share is $52.

    Hartzler's Milk

    All of Hartzler's milk products come in 1/2-gallon recyclable glass bottles.

    Harold Hartzler made the decision in 1964, over thirty years ago, to stop using chemical pesticides, herbicides, and artificial growth hormones on the family farm. He decided to farm in the most natural way possible, depending on earthworms, air, water and sunshine to nourish the soil.

    Every other week for a total of 10.

    All milk shares are $45. (Includes deposit on glass bottle)

    Whole Milk - 1/2 Gallon (10 pick-ups)
    If you’re looking for old-fashioned milk, this is it. The richest, creamiest product. Many people tell us this is the way it tasted many years ago when milk was delivered to their front door. On cold days, the frozen cream popped the tops off the milk bottles and siblings argued over who got to eat this “iced” cream.

    2% Milk - 1/2 Gallon (10 pick-ups)
    This is a good, flavorful choice for many families. You will see a small cream line inside the top of these red-labeled bottles. You will need to gently shake the bottle to spread the creaminess throughout the milk before serving it.

    1% Skim Milk - 1/2 Gallon (10 pick-ups)
    It tastes great without any of the fat.

    Choose A Pick Up Day

    Pick Up Day
    Choose which day you will want to pick up your share. You will then pick up on the same day of the week each week through the season.

    New - Volunteer Opportunities

    We are adding monthly volunteer days to provide you with some fun learning opportunities, get-togethers and making the earth a better place. Children are welcome.

    Splitting Shares

    Are you sharing your share?
    Some of our main shareholders split their shares with friends, relatives or neighbors. Please provide us with their name and email. Crown Point staff is not able to get involved in sharing arrangements, but will gladly add your friends to our weekly CSA e-newsletter and mailing list. Please, no split payments.

    Secondary Shareholder
    Additional Donation

    Would you like to make an additional donation?

    When you donate $35 (or more if you are feeling generous) it buys a week of produce for a family of four.


    At registration, ½ of the CSA share amount is required to be paid. Crown Point will invoice shareholders for their remaining share portion, which is due by May 1, 2018. All shares must be paid in full prior to the first season pick-up or the shareholder will forfeit their share and all previous payments. NOTE: A $5.95 processing fee is added to the total.

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    Payment Options
    A minimum of 1/2 payment is due at time of registration to secure your share.