Earth Medicine Ceremonies

The Earth is more than our physical home; she is our
unconditionally loving Mother, who nourishes and sustains us in all ways.
Our ancestors knew this and regularly honored the Earth through ritual,
ceremonies, and offerings that acknowledged the sacred hoop of all life.

We are being called to re-ignite this ancient wisdom of living in
communion and harmony with the Earth’s cycles. Earth Medicine is the
balm that soothes our individual and collective wounds. Earth Medicine
opens our hearts to the remembrance that we are each threads interwoven
into the tapestry of life that we are co-creating together.

This summer, you are invited to partake in four distinct ceremonies
that honor our sacred connection to the Earth. These ceremonies will take
place at Crown Point Ecology Center and will weave together the following

• Invocation of the Gaia (the energy of the Earth), nature spirits,
elementals, and the four directions;
• Guided visualization and meditation to connect your heart with the
heart of Gaia;
• Practical guidance for how to deepen your connection with the Earth
through a gardening practice and Ayurvedic lifestyle tips (ayurvedia
means “the science of life” and is the sister science to yoga).
• The co-creation of an Earth altar (guided instruction will be provided);
• Time in silence to allow for introspection, reflection, and prayer

• A private facebook group for connection and sharing of resources

Ceremonies are offered on a donation basis on a sliding scale of $11-
$33 with all proceeds benefiting Crown Point Ecology Center’s First Fruits
, which supports farm interns and provides fresh organic produce
to local food banks. Cash/Check accepted at time of ceremony.

The ceremonies will take place on the following dates:
• Sunday August 14th at 2:00 pm
• Sunday September 24th at 2:00 pm

These ceremonies are lovingly offered by Purandev Kaur and Mitch
Gillespie, in collaboration with Lindsey Marie Whited.


You are welcome to bring your own items to contribute and support yourself in the ceremony, including:

• A water bottle
• Journal and pen
• Items to contribute to the Earth altar (ie, special rocks, crystals,
nature elements)
• A cushion or blanket to sit on


Crown Point Ecology Center is located at 3220 Ira Rd, Akron OH,
44333. There is parking available in the front of the Farmhouse. The
ceremonies will take place at Crown point’s Medicine Wheel, located in the orchard.

Once you park, the Medicine Wheel is to the right of the Farmhouse.