Tackling Chronic Pain Wellness Workshop

Tackling Chronic Pain: Busting the Myths and Learning New "Old" Techniques

Knowledge is a powerful tool, and this talk will allow you to become your own best friend and advocate when it comes to pain management. This presentation will help you understand the history that influenced how we think about and treat pain, the science behind pain and what messages our bodies are trying to communicate. Kevin will also break down some familiar but inaccurate remedies for treating pain. You will leave a better grasp on this common yet sometimes debilitating ailment and simple yet effective tools to m ore effectively manage pain in your daily life, including acupressure techniques to quickly diffuse issues like stomach pain and nausea, headaches, neck pain, sciatic/low back pain and more.

In-person presentation at Crown Point Ecology Center on Thursday May 26th at 6:00 - 7:15pm

Limited tickets available! 

$30 per person, members of Crown Point save $5.00!



Presented by KEVIN CAPUTO, L.AC

Kevin studied Alternative Medicine and earned his Master's level diploma from the American
Institute of Alternative Medicine in Columbus, Ohio. He's trained to address a variety of
concerns but the most common issues he treats (with great effectiveness) are pain, digestive
issues, sleeping issues, dizziness, and some psychological issues such as anxiety, depression,
and stress.
Modern Acupuncture is a blend of the technology and wisdom of both eastern and western
philosophies. He witnessed this amazing amalgam after a two-month stint working in a
hospital in Beijing.