Farming Internship Program

Crown Point is unique in northeast Ohio because it is one of the only regional organic vegetable farms where interns have the opportunity to acquire a complete suite of skills necessary for eventually managing their own production-scale organic vegetable farms.

Farm interns learn hands-on skills, including:

  • Greenhouse management
  • Introductory soil science and fertility building
  • Organic weed and pest management
  • Harvest and post-harvest/storage protocols
  • Planning and management skills, including crop rotation and cover crop philosophies and applications
  • Vegetable crop variety and succession planning
  • Operation and basic maintenance of tractors and other mechanized equipment
  • Effective volunteer utilization and visitior group dynamics 
  • Record-keeping and organic certification requirements
  • Community Supported Agriculture process
  • Farm market operations
  • Teamwork and efficiency protocols 

Crown Point interns learn first-hand the workings of a medium-sized Community Supported Agriculture program, a highly popular marketing model, and how to plan and prepare for a large retail-style plant sale each spring.

While the focus of the internship is on production-scale annual vegetable production, there are occasional opportunities to learn other types of farming/homesteading skills as well, such as beekeeping, carpentry, native pollinator habitat establishment, cut-flower production, small-scale poultry production, tree fruit production, and a variety of permaculture activities.



Farm interns are the engine that powers the Crown Point farm. They are expected to work 45 to 50 hours a week, for approximately 12-24 weeks during the growing season. Rotating weekend assignments are part of the work schedule. Interns must be able to withstand challenging weather conditions; do repetitive, tedious tasks; and be able to “go with the flow;” as plans often change quickly in farming.  Good teamwork skills and a sense of humor are also essential! 

In exchange for their long hours, interns are rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction at the end of each day, as well as invaluable experience that could propel them to someday operate their own farms, or at the very least, give them the know-how for being able to produce their own food.

Other benefits include:

  • A weekly stipend (paid bi-weekly)
  • Paid working visits to other local farms
  • Paid days off
  • Access to all planning documents and extensive farming library
  • Free organic vegetables!

How to apply:

Download the full application here.