Meadow Labyrinth

Meadow Labyrinth

Open to all for meditation and spiritual practice in a natural, open setting. All are welcome. 

Labyrinth Etiquette: Those walking the Labyrinth appreciate quiet, open dawn to dusk, no smoking or open flame please

An expanse of sky and earth characterizes Crown Point’s meadow labyrinth. It is a replica of the design laid into the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France around 1220. The ancient practice of walking a labyrinth has been known to nearly all cultures and religions around the globe. Many find that following a path to the center stills the mind and opens the heart. Some walk labyrinths for relaxation. Some walk as a form of prayer. Still others walk as meditation to seek a deeper tranquility.

The grass path lined with native perennials is to be walked deliberately. From the entrance, a single route winds its way to the center. It is not a maze – there are no dead ends. Return by the same path.

The Labyrinth is being taken care of by dedicated Crown Point volunteer Verna Vander-Kooi of Bath, OH. She cares deeply about connecting people to the land and also cares for our Children's Garden and Herb Garden on our 10 acre organic farm. 

Crown Point Ecology Center encourage visitors to find their own meaning in walking the Labyrith. Whether it be meditation, prayer, relaxation, or simply a new way to interact with nature, ALL  ARE WELCOME. 

Location of the Labyrinth is on our trail map HERE at 3220 Ira. Rd. Akron, 44333