Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel at Crown Point Ecology Center

In 2014, dedicated volunteers, beginning farmer interns and community members hosted a workshop to build a Medicine Wheel on the 115 acre property of Crown Point Ecology Center. 

The design of the Medicine Wheel was created by Sun Bear and Wabun. Sun Bear, author of many books related to Earth Astrology including Dancing with the Wheel: The Medicine Wheel Workbook lived from 1929 - 1992 and was of Ojibwe desent. He was considered a "Chippewa medicine man, seer and Indian leader". The Medicine Wheel was a vision Sun Bear recieved from Grandfather and has helped guide people not just in their daily lives, but on their life path as well. It is said that Learning, working with and meditating with this Medicine Wheel has brought many people to a closer connection with All Our Relations, and with Creator. 

In 2021, a handful of dedicated Crown Point volunteers re-shaped the Medicine Wheel, realigned the sacred stones and are planning to add native plant life and benches for meditation and reflection. 

Each sacred stone in the Medicine Wheel has a meaning and importance. The design is centered around a large stone in the circle, which represents Creation. Each of the colored stones are aligned with the cardinal directions, North, South, East and West. Each three stones between the colored cardinal direction stones represent the astrology signs and have a corresponding animal.