The List Is In! Check Out Our 2018 Organic Plant Sale

Apr 05, 2018

It's time to start planning your summer garden, and our farming interns are hard at work getting ready for an incredible season! 

Below is a list of the plant varieties that will be available at the Organic Plant Sale.

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Cherry Tomatoes: Black Cherry, Bing, Sweetie, Supersweet 100, Sungold, Yellow Pear, White Cherry, Green Doctor’s Frosted, Merlot, Red Fig, Washington

Paste Tomatoes: Amish Paste, Roma VF, San Marzano, Gilbertie, Speckled Roman, Principe Borghese

Heirloom or Open-Pollinated Slicing or Salad Tomatoes: Moskvitch, Cosmonaut Volkov, Pink Berkeley Tye-Die, Pruden’s Purple, Japanese Black Trifele, Indigo Apple, German Johnson, Jaune de Flamme, Pink Boar, Rutgers, Cherokee Purple, Green Zebra, Paul Robeson, Garden Peach, Golden Jubilee, Redfield Beauty, Striped German, Brandywine, Yellow Brandywine, Brandywine Red, Aunt Ruby’s German Green, Copia, Kellog’s Breakfast, Moonglow, Pineapple, Nebraska Wedding, Black Krim, Damsel, German Pink, Hillbilly Potato Leaf, Mountain Princess, Pineapple Bicolor , Tasty Evergreen, Glacier

Hybrid: Sunkist, Luci, Chef’s Choice, New Girl

Tomatillos: Toma Verde, Purple

Sweet Peppers

Bell: Napoleon, King Crimson, King of the North, California Wonder, Golden California Wonder, Sweet Chocolate, Orange Bell, Purple Beauty, Yankee Bell, Jupiter, Madonna

Roaster-type: Chervena Chuska, Feher Ozon, Lively Italian Orange, Corno di Toro, Lipstick

Other Specialty Sweet Peppers: Picnic Orange (mini pepper), Shishito (Japanese roaster-type), Sheepnose Pimento (pimento pepper)

Hot Peppers

Hidalgo Serrano, Lemon Drop, Red Rocket, Hungarian Hot Wax, Early Jalapeno, El Eden (guajillo-type for mole sauce), Highlander, Magnum Habanero, Hot Paper Lantern, Ring o’ Fire Cayenne, Ancho Poblano, NuMex Joe E Parker, Beaver Dam


Black Beauty, Diamond, Listada de Gandia, Rosa Bianca, Pingtung Long, Casper

Unusual Edibles

Mars Celeriac, Goldie Ground Cherry, Palla Rossa Radicchio, Tennessee Red Peanut, Spanish White Pearl Peanut

Basil: Genovese, Cinnamon, Eleonora, Greek, Lemon, Sweet Thai, Purple Dark Oval, Rosie

Other: Lovage, Chives, Garlic Chives, Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Common Mint, Spearmint, Florence Fennel, Fino Fennel, Bronze Fennel, Thyme, Sweet Marjoram, Summer Savory, Common Sage, Green Culinary Sage, Greek Oregano, Epazote, Borage, Bouquet Dill, Goldkrone Dill, Cilantro, Giant of Italy Flat-Leaf Parsley, Moss Curly Parsley, Lemon Verbena, Chocolate Mint, Munstead-Type Lavender.

Summer Squash

Zucchini: Dark Green, Yellowfin, Midnight Lightning, Cocozelle,

Yellow Squash: Success PM Straightneck, Yellow Crookneck

Patty-Pan: Benning’s Green Tint, Patisson Panache

Winter Squash

Pumpkin: Cider Jack, Howden, Jack-be-Little, Long Island Cheese, Long Pie, Marina di Chioggia, Musque de Provence, Racer, Winter Luxury

Other: Table Queen Acorn, Sweet Reba Acorn, Waltham Butternut, Sugar Dumpling, Honey Boat Delicata, Silver Edge Calabeza, Spaghetti Squash, Strawberry Crown Squash


Pickling Cucumber: Picklebush, Salt & Pepper Pickling, H-19 Little Leaf, Green Finger

Standard Slicing Cucumber: Marketmore 76, General Lee

Specialty Cucumbers:  Silver Slicer (white-colored slicing cuke), Poona Kheera (Indian variety that turns brownish when ripe), Armenian (extra-large cucumber-like melon, great for pickle slices), Suyo Long (Asian cuke)


Watermelon: Blacktail Mountain, Moon & Stars, Yellow Moon & Stars, OrangeGlo

Other: Charentais (Cantaloupe), Amish (Cantaloupe), Tigger (Pocket Melon)

Native Perennial Plants (grown from seed)

Flowers: Black-Eyed Susan, Echinacea (White and Purple), Bee Balm (Red and Purple), Blue False Indigo, White False Indigo, Perennial Lupine,  Compass Plant, Common Milkweed, Rose/Swamp Milkweed, Butterfly Milkweed, Foxglove Beardtongue, Great Blue Lobelia, Cup Plant , Cardinal Flower, Joe-Pye Weed,  Nodding Onion,  Ohio Spiderwort, Prairie Blazing Star, Rattlesnake Master, Sawtooth Sunflower, Sneezeweed, Tall Ironweed, Yarrow (Colorado Mix)

Grasses: Indiangrass, Prairie Dropseed, Purple Top

Wetland/Rain Garden Plants: Woolgrass, Common Rush, Soft-Stemmed Bulrush, Bristly Sedge, Hop Sedge, Lurid Sedge

Annual Flowers

Sunflowers:  Teddy Bear, Mammoth, Hella Sonnenblume, Soraya, Evening Colors Blend, Velvet Queen

Natives: Partridge Pea, Plains Coreopsis

Poppies: California Orange, Pierrot, Planete Rouge de Jura, Black Beauty

Calendula: Pacific Beauty Blend, Strawberry Blonde

Zinnias: County Fair Blend, Giant Dhalia Mix

Other: Seashells Blend Cosmos, Galilee Blend Delphinium, Lion’s Mouth Blend Snapdragon, Mexican Sunflower, Nasturtium, Cypress Vine, Zulu Prince Daisy, Tower Mix Chinese Aster


Cauliflower:  Early Snowball 

Broccoli: Gypsy, Marathon, DiCicco 

Kohlrabi: White Vienna, Purple Vienna 

Brussels Sprouts: Jade Cross (as single-variety 4-pack)

Kale/ Greens: Red Russian, Lacinato, Darkibor, Vates (Collards), Five-Colored Silverbeet (Swiss Chard) 

Cabbage: Early Jersey Wakefield, Red Express

Asian Cabbage: Bilko (Napa Cabbage), Prize Choy (Pac Choy)

Leaf Lettuce: Buttercrunch, Waldman’s Dark Green, Deer Tongue, Crisp Mint, Green Towers, Red Oak Leaf, Red Salad Bowl

Romaine Lettuce: Rouge d’Hiver, Parris Island


Onions: Walla Walla, Cabernet, New York Early, Dakota Tears, Gladstone

Leeks: Alto, King Sieg