Reasons to Support Your Local CSA

Feb 13, 2018

Spring has sprung and Danielle and Carly our Farm Manager and Assistant Farm Manager along with seasonal interns are ready for this years Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program! All of Crown Point's CSA shareholders are investors in the fresh, local, organic food movement. By helping us pay for seeds and supplies up front, you’ll receive 20 weeks of fruits and vegetables during summer/fall harvest season. Our shareholders will receive unique and diversified produce along with weekly recipes to keep you inspired! 

Wondering is a CSA is right for you?  Here are the Top 6 reasons to join:

1. TASTE - Everyone should experience the high-quality flavor that comes from produce picked from a local farm. Foods shipped to Ohio from other parts of the country and world just can’t compete. We often find our produce lasts longer than grocery store produce, since ours was harvested fresh and never frozen or stored for long periods. 

2. VARIETY - Participating in CSA means enjoying and learning about foods that may not be part of your typical diet. It’s a perfect way to try new recipes and break up the monotony of meal planning. We offer diversified produce with weekly recipes to keep you inspired!  

3. KNOWLEDGE - You’ll have a better understanding of what grows in northeast Ohio. This will make you more in tune with how the seasons and weather align with local agriculture. Our farmers and interns are also knowledgeable about organic and sustainable growing and can offer advice about your produce or backyard garden! 

4. ORGANIC - Our crops are grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides that are harmful to our environment and to our overall health. Our way of farming supports natural habitats for birds and provides necessary food sources for pollinators and beneficial insects. 

5. COST - Crown Point’s CSA is offered at an affordable price and is competitive with farmer's market retail prices as well as grocery stores offering organic produce. 

6. LIMITED PLASTIC - Use our beautiful cloth tote (or your own boxes and bags) to be part of the solution to our plastic pollution problem. Avoiding single use food packaging is one of the easiest ways to decrease consumption of this non-renewable resource. 

Ready to join our CSA program and become a shareholder?

Crown Point members also receive a 10%  discount on CSA shares and receive early bird specials for our Annual Organic Plant Sale and discounts on events!