Summer Camp

Together we made Farm and Science Summer Camp a blast!

See you in 2023!!

Crown Point is home to 115-acres of living classroom, including diverse ecosystems, habitats and more. The non-profit organization has truly emerged as a "Crow Point" of the area in terms of ecological education, organic farming and sustainability. Curated by a special partnership between Crown Point Ecology Center, The Shaw JCC of Akron and The Lippman School- Farm and Science Camp was a mix educational content, recreation and socialization that kept campers entertained all summer! Highlights of Camp included ecology, agriculture and art with each week containing components of each. 

Campers enjoyed learning about honey bees from Robert Niijar, President of The Summit County Beekeepers Association.

Campers were buzzing with knowledge!

Campers harvested fresh vegetables every week from the children's garden and were excited to try new veggies during lunch. Campers couldn't wait to tell their grown ups about their new favorite vegetables!

During the Northern Cheyenne camp week, the Shoulderblade Family educated campers on their traditions and customs that have been passed down from generation to generation. They shared their artwork, including beautiful beaded clothing and shared Round Dance drumming from a traditional Powwow. 

Thank you to The Lippman School, Shaw JCC and the Shoulderblade family for their collaboration with Summer Farm and Science Camp!