We love our volunteers at Crown Point!  Interested in volunteering?  We have opportunities for both individuals and groups. Extra hands are always needed to help on the farm with seeding, planting, weeding, harvesting and preparing produce for the community supported agriculture customers.  We have projects available for students to fulfill volunteer requirments, for scouts to earn badges or other volunteer requirments. Our multiple events throught out the year also use volunteers to register guests, auction set up and check out.  There are so many opportunities to visit and enjoy the beautiful fields while sharing your time and skills.  Or perhaps you have a special skill you want to share?  Tell us about it. 

Please call (330) 668-8992 or email info@crownpointecology.org

We are currently looking for volunteers:

Office Volunteer for assisting with letters/mailings; 2-4 hours per week

Farm weeding, mowing and general farm maintaining; 3-6 hours per week

Woodland lot development - removing non-native species, creating brush piles and snags for wildlife (good for groups)

Flower bed and garden wedding and maintaining; 2-4 hours bi-weekly